Mommy to Clown

Kelly The Mommy will arrive to your event and right in front of your eyes Kelly the Mommy will turn into Kelly the Clown.

Kelly arrives in her “Mommy” clothes to entertain her audience. She explains, “even though you may change your clothes, you are still the same person inside”.

Kelly applies her make-up, petty coats, clown dress, wig, shoes, hat and gloves transforming into Kelly the Clown.

Kelly interacts with the children teaching them many different clown techniques. Kelly even dresses up a child from the audience.

This is a delightful event for preschools and kindergardeners, and summer day cares.

This event is very popular for Christian Schools during the month of October, helping children understand that costumes are not scary, they are only silly Mommys and Daddys inside.